Post-Cancer Chemo Fog

FK is an extremely high functioning Ph.D. who had juggled job and family with relative ease prior to cancer treatment. There were three surgeries within one month after diagnosis, 6 cycles of chemotherapy and daily radiation for six weeks. The cancer treatment brought on these symptoms: extreme fatigue, headache, poor sleep, depression, weakness, and severe short-term memory problems. Remembering tasks on the job became very difficult and her functioning suffered. She often forgot groceries that were just purchased, finding them in the car the next day. The effect of the combination of these led to hopelessness and deep concern for her future.

Treatment with Dr. Esty began five months after cancer treatment ended. The first session produced dramatic change. She slept well and woke for the first time with energy. That entire week she was able to organize her tasks at work efficiently, leaving the office knowing that she had accomplished something. Prior to this she had often forgotten and missed scheduled meetings.

By the 10th treatment, FK was functioning very well and had received a promotion that involves much more responsibility. She is handling all of her family and professional tasks more easily, has more energy and sleeps well. The inevitable stressors of life are less of a burden because she can deal with them and not let them dominate her thinking.

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