Don’s Story – From Delinquent Teen to Ph.D.

The following is from a letter from Don, dated 12-27-2010:

During my early childhood years, I had been diagnosed with ADHD and suffered from associated emotional instabilities along with a long record of behavioral problems in school. These years left a lasting legacy filled with hyperactivity and rambunctiousness troubling everyone around me. I had a tremendous amount of difficulty maintaining attention and establishing emotional relationships which led to my poor school performance. I continually got into fights with other kids and rebelled against school faculty with complete disregard to disciplinary consequences.

All traditional forms of drug therapy and counseling were used in an attempt to cope with the behavioral problems resulting in little or no improvements. It wasn’t until my father took the time to research an effective evidence based technologically innovative treatment in the form of brainwave biofeedback with Dr. Mary Lee Esty that my life started to change.

I began biofeedback training in 1995 during my middle school years. My father had to constantly sacrifice his work schedule and put his career on the line to take me to therapy consistently while encountering great difficulty by my behavior along with costs associated with the treatment. Yet, tremendous progress ensued after several months of treatments. Many folks including family, friends and school officials would comment on my improved performance and ability to concentrate for longer periods.

The biofeedback training brought about a positive change and measurable improvement in all aspects of my life. Through the collective observation of my family, school teachers and close friends was a reflection of great transformation in my life in a way of becoming a much improved version of me. As the treatment progressed several years later, I felt a sense of self-actualization through mental clarity, self-confidence and peace of mind. Most importantly, I no longer experienced the urges to become aggressive with others and gained a greater sense of situational awareness.

There was a time in my life where people saw little hope for me during my troubled adolescence but now I serve as a testimonial and have a lot to be thankful for had it not been for the support of my father and Dr. Esty, my Biofeedback Therapist! Presently, I will be starting a Doctorate program in physical therapy as dictated by my passion to help others. Today, I envision myself capable of accomplishing anything in life.

Given the fact that Biofeedback training was the primary culprit to my success story, I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with an open mind and willingness to enhance quality of life.

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