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Personalized Treatment




Over 20 years of experience!


Our therapists are highly trained, certified professionals. BWB therapists have used biofeedback and neurotherapy to treat well over 1800 clients!

When it comes to your well being,
one size does NOT fit all!

You will receive treatment based on your personal data. As treatment progresses this plan is modified to match your progess. The goal is to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Proven effective treatment!


All therapies offered at BWB are based on peer-reviewed research and have been proven effective in combinations tailored to your needs.

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Watch videos of clients talking about their experiences at BWB.(Also see Current Studies for a video from a study participant.)

Treatment Options:

Physiological Biofeedback
(Autonomic Nervous System & HRV)
Learn to control how your body reacts to stress to improve sleep, control blood pressure and reduce anxiety!
Muscle Biofeedback (sEMG)
Learn how to reduce your pain, including headaches and migraines!
Teach your brain to function at its best!
EEG Biofeedback
(Flexyx Neurotherapy System)
Reset your brain for optimal performance!